The Clothesline Project

Clothesline Project at Spirit Square in Castlegar. (2012)

This public event occurs annually in the spring in downtown Eye&tearCastlegar. The Clothesline Project honours women survivors and victims of intimate violence. It transforms an ordinary t-shirt into testimony about the problem of violence against women. Participants are invited to decorate their own t-shirt to create their own message of support or survival. Leading up to the event, CDCSS hosts workshops and information sessions at local schools and throughout the community to educate and raise awareness about violence against women, and other forms of violence. 20130419-Participant-ClotheslineMimi2-768x1024

On the day of the event, the T-shirts are hung throughout Spirit Square (beside City Hall), creating a powerful and compelling visual display. The public is invited to participate in t-shirt making, to browse our information booths, speak with representatives of local community services, and to enjoy free snacks, coffee and music.

  • What can we all do to make a positive change?
  • How does violence impact all of us?
  • What are our local resources?

…these and other questions are explored at The Clothesline event in a friendly, welcoming environment. For more information about the next Clothesline Project in Castlegar, contact Martine Oosting. Click here for Staff Contact page.