Family Support Counselling

(Funded through the Ministry of Child and Family Development)

The Family Support Team consists of a team of both Family Support Counselors and a Family Support Worker. Three areas specific to the Family Support Program include:

Family advancement, skill acquisition, and parent-teen mediation.

Family advancement refers to supporting families in gaining new skills, such as communication skills and conflict resolution, to assist in effectively address issues occurring within the family system. These issues may comprise of child behavioral issues, differing parental styles, and/or co-parenting.

Skill acquisition refers to the utilization of newly learned skills by families, teens, and parents in order to effectively work on their identified issues. These skills may consist of learning new communication styles, creating an understanding of co-parenting within divorce situations, and awareness of techniques to try while working with children who display difficult behaviors.

Parent-teen mediation refers to supporting parents and their teens in communicating their needs to one another. Through mediation, parents and teens can begin to have the platform to express their issues in a safe, non-judgmental manner and enhance their communication within their family system.