Nobody’s Perfect Parenting Program

Sandi McCreighhandst and Judy Soroke facilitate this IHA Public Health funded program which is designed for parents with children ages 0-6. Nobody’s Perfect Parenting Planning focuses on the challenges of parenthood, provides support for parents in our community, and presents opportunity for parents to socialize with other parents.

This group atmosphere and communication process allows parents to realize they are not alone within the challenges of parenthood, while receiving support and education from program facilitators, as well as from other parents.

At a Nobody’s Perfect group, you and other parents will talk about things like:

  • why kids act the way they do
  • what kids can do at different ages
  • how to keep your kids healthy
  • how to keep them safe
  • how to feel good about yourself and your kids
  • challenges with co-parenting

Transportation may be available for any parent needing a ride to and from the group, and healthy snacks for parents and children are offered during the group meeting.

What do other parents think about Nobody’s Perfect? Hear parents talk about the difference that Nobody’s Perfect made for their families!

Contact Judy Soroke or Sandi McCreight for more information.
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